Introducing Robert Wallace, AKA Parallel Teeth

Currently residing in New Zealand (…not for long), Robert is a director, animator, illustrator and ‘maker of things’. After working at Special Problems in Auckland he went it alone in London – building up an impressive portfolio of projects and … More »

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Across the ditch is a Design Assembly series profiling kiwi graphic designers and creatives working and making their way in the Australian scene. If you’re a kiwi working across the ditch – email We’d love to profile you and your work and get your thoughts and advice on working across the ditch.
Freelance graphic designer Ryan Romanes, who’s originally from Rotorua, now lives and works in Melbourne. We recently caught up with him for a few quick questions…

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The Auckland Festival of Photography kicks off tomorrow, running from 28 May – 20 June. It brings together artists, academics, curators, students, amateurs and professionals for the aim of encouraging the public to celebrate the art of photography.

For exhibition details click here. Some … More »

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Autumn Conversations 2015 »

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Your work reputation is in your hands »

Remember that your words, moods and attitudes will rub off on those around you. You can lift people up as easily and quickly as you can tear them down. Wouldn’t you rather be remembered as an all-round “nice” person and someone folks want to work with? I would! »

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