Photo: © Jo Currie, courtesy of mychillybin.co.nz
Graphic Design

“Under-promise and over-deliver”. Really?!

Photo: © Jo Currie, courtesy of mychillybin.co.nz

We’ve all heard the customer service adage of “under-promise and over-deliver”. Imagine you are your client for one moment. Would you rather get what you briefed your agency for, and what you agreed to, or be … More »

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Spark International Festival of Media, Arts and Design will be kicking-off of its 17th festival this year, running from Monday 10th – Friday 14th August. Held in Hamilton and organised through Wintec’s School of Media Arts, the festival is designed to bring inspiring creatives and the wider creative industries together. This gives attendees the opportunity to get up close and personal with people at the cutting edge of their fields.

Spark provides a chance for creative minds to sow the seeds of inspiration in a city that has a lively creative scene. Wintec’s support of the festival for nearly two decades has ensured Hamilton registers on the national arts calendar and gives something back to the creative industries based here.

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I never start a project with the assumption that research is needed (although to jump straight to a spoiler — some kind of research almost always is). This isn’t because I like to jump right into design without doing any research, but because a useful way to identify what kind of research is needed is to start with the question, ‘Do I need user research at all?’
When don’t you need research?
In theory at least there are three broad situations where you might legitimately start designing without doing research first…

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This week’s Fresh from the Field features Issue #3 of Typograph.Journal. Thanks to designer/typographer Nicole Arnett Phillips for sharing.

Later this month Nicole will be taking our Alphabet is code typographic workshop in Auckland on July 24th. For more information and links to ticket … More »

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