Winter 2008 Event

by on 29/06/2008

THANK YOU – To everyone that came along last night and to our awesome sponsors!

I’m sure everyone had a great time meeting up with each other, and I hope that you found the speakers interesting and you walked away with a little bit of something to inspire and motivate you over the next little while.

I will be posting some of the content from last night on the website over the next week, so watch out for that.

You can add any comments you want to on this page, any feedback on what you would like to see at Design Assembly would be greatly appreciated.

And feel free to drop me an email if you want to talk at Design Assembly or want to put someone forward!

Pencil in Wednesday 26th November for the next Design Assembly and in the meantime, lets keep in touch!

Louise Kellerman

Design Assembly is an evening of talks and discussion run by Graphic Designers for Graphic Designers.

Design Assembly will launch on Wednesday the 27th August from6.30pm – 8.30pm in room WE336, AUT, Art and Design Faculty, St Pauls Street, Auckland CBD. Refreshments will be provided between 6.30 and 7pm.

Evening Outline

  • 6.30pm – Doors open
  • 7pm – 8pm – Three speakers, 20 minutes each
  • 8pm – 8.30pm – Questions
  • 8.30pm – Close

If you are interested in coming along ([email protected]) OR would like to be a speaker at a future Design Assembly drop us a line ([email protected]) and we will send you more info as it comes to hand.

Conversations on Wednesday August 27th 2008

Marriage of the impossible: creativity and improbable connection – Welby Ings
At the beginning of the nineteenth century the verb ‘to create’ was rarely used. With the development of the romantic period and its resulting emphasis on individual genius, ‘creativity’ came to mean the use of a divine thinking process that was considered to be the elevated, working alternative to reason. Christopher Frayling called this the thinking process capable of ‘challenging the gods’. Assuming that graphic designers may sometimes ‘challenge the thinking of the gods’, this presentation looks at techniques beyond the fatigue of the mindmap and the brain storm. It will set a couple of short activities that show how the impossible can be creatively connected by disobedient thinkers. connection

The democratisation of ideas – Kate Alexander
Stumble upon, Springwise, The cool hunter, bootb… thanks to these new ‘trend collecting websites’ it is possible know what’s hip, without stepping out your front door. You can get daily inspiration boosters to your inbox. And the information transfer isn’t one way. Anyone can apply to be a spotter for springwise and send in their local cool discoveries. On Bootb you can answer a creative brief for an international company without even one meeting. So what does this mean for the traditional world of commercial design… will our clients buy an idea from a website and hand it to us to execute, will they post our visuals online for their customers to vote, maybe they might even be able to buy a full complete campaign. Opinion isn’t my strong point so i’ll leave that to you. What I hope to do in my 20 minutes is show you some stuff you haven’t seen and offer some food for thought about the worldwide future of ideas.

Message cognition and design – Shaun Lee
I am sure ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, but graphic designers rarely have an audience of one. So how can we be sure that our design is going to communicate the right message? I would like to share a bit of theory I have found useful both in the studio and with clients.

Comments (10)

  1. 2:37 pm, September 9 2008

    Hi everyone
    Thanks Louise and Shaun for organising such a great event. Left pretty wired that night.
    Just want to share this web tool. Might be useful to use on client sites or on personal blogs.
    And since you are all graphic design guru’s you will like this visual way to surf the web.

  2. 7:52 pm, August 8 2008

    Great suggestions thanks. For more on Cognitive psyc check out “Cognition” by Margaret W. Matlin. I have had a few good chats with designers since and I think it is important it is used as a tool for analysis rather than designing per se. Oh and the drinks were awesome :-)

  3. 4:29 pm, August 8 2008

    Great intiative! Thank you to the organisers and speakers.

    I would love to see it take an even more intellectual track. I’ve always been frustrated with the lack of theory in New Zealand graphic design compared with other disciplines like architecture, where students and practitioners are quite comfortable with theory and is seen as a necessary part of their practise.

    Could the speakers post their readings/references?

    Only one practical suggestion – perhaps a longer break between speakers to allow time for questions.

  4. casey
    4:21 pm, August 8 2008

    The liquid sponsors were delicious.